Hybrid & Virtual Annual General Meetings in Singapore

Virtual AGM in Singapore

The world is moving towards advanced digital solutions, and so is your business!


In light of the Covid-19 situation, Singapore’s government had recently passed a new law on 7th April 2020 & 4th September 2020, which allows registered companies and societies to conduct their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) remotely to comply with the current safe distancing measures until 30th June 2021.


This extension will allow these companies to run their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) & other Meetings in the virtual format. Even though physical meetings are allowed, virtual meetings format will reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.


Such meetings are to be conducted via alternative methods, such as through video conferencing & live streaming. Hence, having the right partner and technology becomes imperative for a successful, interruption-less AGM webcast.

Our Virtual AGM Technology

By employing high-end webcasting hardware and software, we are capable of conducting virtual AGMs in a secure and reliable manner. We operate at a grander scale and production quality compared to video conferencing systems and platforms.


Our technology enables you to feel as if you are present in a physical meeting space and not a virtual one. And, we can support your meetings as long as your shareholders and presenters are satisfied with the outcome. You can depend on our technology to have a consistent broadcast of your virtual AGM and quick transfer of live information such as questions of the attendees and polling answers.


Safety And Security

We ensure that your AGM webcast is secure for your attendees and that your information is safe:

Restricted Entry

Using our webcasting solutions, participation in the AGM webcasts can be restricted entirely to shareholders who have pre-registered their interest in attending the AGM. These shareholders are provided with unique login credentials which prevent duplication of entry permissions.

East Of Joining

Your shareholders can attend the event from anywhere in the world using any device that has an internet connection. All attendees are required to register their attendance a few days prior to the Virtual AGM after which they are provided with their unique login credentials. This step maximises the security of conducting the meeting online by ensuring that every single attendee who enters the meeting was meant to be present there. Attendance of the meeting is recorded electronically through the attendee’s login credentials.

Uninterrupted Interaction

Our solutions allow the meeting participants to submit their questions via text, and vote on resolutions in real time at any point during the webcast. This helps in minimising disruptions to the proceedings of the AGM webcast without limiting interaction with other shareholders and organisation executives during the meeting.

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Quality And Ease In Management

Broadcast Level Quality

We conduct the proceeding of your virtual AGM at broadcast-level production quality, despite each participant being in different locations. This ensures that your broadcast goes smoothly and that the participants never miss out on any information presented in throughout the meeting.

Coordination Among Presenters

Representatives making presentations during the AGM webcast can do so by participating in the meeting with their webcams enabled. To keep the meeting going in the right flow our team discusses and co-ordinates with the presenters prior to the meeting about how they would like to perform their presentations.

We also provide technical assistance to the presenters in setting-up their webcams and microphones to ensure optimum image and sound quality and help ensure the best display quality possible when they make the presentation. They can also virtually share materials for other participants to peruse during the presentation.

Round-table Discussions

You can depend on us to provide you with similar facilities while conducting virtual roundtable discussions between multiple speakers. By having all participants on the screen while speaking to other participants, your attendees can engage in a discussion. Interaction and feedback between participants feels organic as speakers are able to receive and respond to questions and comments submitted by participants in real-time.

Adhering To Your Requirements

Keeping the government policies in tandem with your needs and adhering to safety requirements, we provide an all-encompassing solution to hosting Virtual AGMs in Singapore. With on-location shooting capabilites, we also provide Hybrid AGM solutions in a safe and reliable manner.


Currently, with Singapore going into Phase 2 of post-Circuit Breaker re-opening some elements of the AGM webcast can be conducted on-site. Elements such as presentations by key appointment holders can be live-streamed on our platform in real-time. Through this process, we adhere to the safe distancing measures and safety standards as instructed by the government.


Our dedicated team and camera crew take charge of image and audio quality, lighting, and management of live stream transmission in a safe way on the location. Alternatively, as per your requirement, we can arrange for our crew to operate remotely as well. 

360° Assistance:

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best quality of service hence we assist you-

Before the AGM webcast: Our team closely works with yours to streamline the meeting process. We carefully note your requirements and do our best to fulfil them. We coordinate with presenters and attendees for the smooth running of the meeting.

During the Virtual AGM: While the meeting is in session our team provides the best possible technical support to the attendees, manages any error or disturbance and keeps recording the meeting so that the information is not lost. This way your shareholders can have a seamless experience of the meeting.

Post AGM assistance: We provide you with all virtual assets like recordings, photos, etc. and even take note of any specific requirement that you may have. You can reach out to us for support even after the event is done.

With these services Six media has emerged as a top partner for virtual AGM Singapore and nearby regions. For a virtual experience that feels real contact our team today!

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