Virtual AGM & Webinars in Singapore 2021

Virtual AGM & Webinars In Singapore 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic situation persists to date, many businesses have been badly affected. It has not spared Singapore that serves as the financial hub in Asia Pacific and the transit point between Oceania, America & the European countries.

However, thanks to technological advancement, many companies have utilised online video conferencing tools to conduct business meetings with their clients or counterparts overseas easily without the need to attend the meetings in person.

The challenging COVID-19 situation has made international travels very difficult due to the stringent safety protocols and additional expense that comes along.

While meetings can be easily conducted via online video conferencing softwares such as Zoom or Skype, sometimes companies need to engage professional webcast companies to produce big scale online events like webinars & virtual AGM.

AGM (Annual General Meeting) is a legally required meeting for publicly listed companies that are listed in Singapore, Hongkong & Australia. These companies' top management will conduct it on the yearly basis to provide the annual financial reports of the company’s profit and loss and to discuss about the company with the shareholders.

Previously, AGMs are conducted in the townhalls and they are standard venues by most companies. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, large-scale physical events are restricted by most local government. Many Singapore companies have prefer to hire the video production companies to either use the existing townhall venue or to use the studio to run their live streamed virtual AGM event.

Benefits in conducting virtual AGM via Live Streaming

Other than the savings on the travel expenses to invite clients or business associates to the host’s country to attend the AGM event, there are other benefits that comes along with AGM meeting that is conducted virtually online as it not only allows the speakers to engage with more audience online, not to mention the fact that the producers can also add in corporate video and other graphic effects during the event to enhance and made the event to be more engaging and responsive.

Other than the client’s requirement and their budget to setup the virtual AGM meeting, many clients may also face the difficulty to find video professional agency that can catered to their needs. Thus finding the right professional video webcast company is paramount to the success of the event. It will depends on how well the webcast production company can co-ordinate well with the company staff members to produce the online event.

With combined 15 years of experience in live streaming, our teams are specialized providing live streaming solutions for your online events or your virtual AGM.

Six Media has the best practices in live streaming & the most advanced streaming equipment in both hardware and software. Also we have a actual studio set that can easily setup online streaming events to ensure that your AGM meetings are not only successful but within your budget.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your event’s needs.

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