New virtual AGM provisions allow real-time interactivity

The Ministry of Law recently announced an extension for orders relating to alternative arrangements for meetings under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act. With this new extension, meetings such as general meetings of companies, unit trusts, business trusts, and variable capital companies can continue to be held via electronic means until 30 June 2021. 

Additionally, while attendees are still allowed to vote by appointing the chairperson or convenor of the meeting as a proxy to direct the vote, they are now allowed to vote in real-time electronically as well, while existing arrangements for electronic voting remain unchanged.

Real-time Q&A can now be conducted electronically, too, as long as attendees are allowed to submit their queries and the matters they would like to raise by post or email before the conduct of the meeting. Other electronic means to accept submissions and signed proxy instruments in advance of the meeting are also allowed to be used, as long as entities organizing these meetings also allow these submissions by post or email. One such way to do this is through virtual AGM platforms.

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With these new provisions in place, while virtual events and meetings such as webinars and AGMs can gain a new level of convenience, interactivity, and engagement through real-time Q&A and voting, they have also gained an additional level of complication in their organisation and conduct, as apart from the meetings having to be webcast “live” to all their participants, additional capacities and capabilities will need to be built into the back-end workflow for these meetings, in order to allow for Q&A and voting to be conducted in real time during these webcasts and meetings, and for the chairperson or convenor of the meeting and webinar to direct and respond to these real-time elements during the course of said meeting and webinar, without any of these potentially massive elements negatively impacting their conduct in any way.

While there are many video conferencing systems and platforms available for general use, there are generally more limitations to them in terms of scalability, security and general production quality, rendering them less suitable for formal virtual events such as webinars and meetings, which typically involve large numbers of participants, a requirement for high production quality, and now real-time interaction between participants and the host of the event. It is relatively harder to ensure the privacy and security of such events on these publicly-available platforms as well.  There is thus a real need for events such as Virtual AGMs Webcast and webinars to be conducted on a secure platform which allows the highest possible level of interactivity among as many participants as possible at a level of production quality befitting the scale of the event.

This set of capabilities is exactly what Six Media is able to provide. Using our suite of webcasting solutions, we are able to ensure the security of every webcast we operate without compromising on the number of participants, by providing unique credentials to everyone who has registered to participate in the event beforehand. Our highly scalable webcasting platform also allows any number of pre-registered participants to attend the webinars and AGMs we operate for you from any device anywhere, and to interact directly with the host of the webinar or meeting through real-time Q&A by text, and real-time voting on resolutions. With our wealth of experience in a wide range of livestream productions, you can count on us to ensure broadcast-level production quality for your webinars and AGMs, from image and sound to graphics and transitions.

Six Media will work in close partnership with you to fulfil all your webinar and AGM webcast requirements, with our utmost professionalism to ensure service excellence in the delivery of the most suitable advice and solutions for your needs. You can count on us to deliver webinars and virtual AGM webcasts specially tailored to your every need.

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your webinars and Virtual AGMs Webcast to life!

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