Live Streaming Singapore

Live Stream Singapore

Stay ahead of the competition, try a new way of conducting an event or just flow with the needs of the present time by opting for live streaming solutions!


Bringing excellence through our services is our mantra - hence, we our live streaming solutions for Singapore and other regions will bring take you one step ahead and connect you and your audiences seamlessly.

Live Streaming presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and South Korea

Through our live streaming technology, we are capable of complete customisation in every aspect of your live event!

Live Stream Singapore

Live Stream on Any Platform

Live stream your event in the highest quality on a varied range of platforms. Your live event can be published natively and simultaneously to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The media player for your live stream can also be embedded on to any website, allowing you to reach your audiences anywhere in the world. 

Latest Technology

Our integrated live production control suite allows us to simultaneously manage multiple camera, video and audio feeds, graphics, and transitions in order to provide your audience with the smoothest, most polished quality of stream.

Customized Feed

Incorporate custom graphics and media assets such as logos and lower thirds seamlessly into the stream of your live events. Our team also works with you directly on our platform, allowing us to work together in real time before, during, and after the live streaming event. This is how we ensure perfect synchronisation in branding, content, and workflow for your live event.

Unlimited Participants

By using high quality production software we remove restrictions to bandwidth and viewer numbers on any media players the participants might be using to view the live stream.  

Security Ensured

Secure your personal and corporate live streaming with password-protected events, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, and unique login Ids. This makes sure that all the participants of your secured live event were meant to be there.

Assured Innovation & 24/7 Assistance

Our team is committed to providing you with the best ideas and innovations to make your live stream better as per your requirement. Moreover, our team members are accessible to you, anytime even before the event starts, during the event and after your event has ended.

Reliable and Professional Solutions

We hold reliability and professionalism as the highest of our values. We ensure that your live stream or live event flows smoothly and helps you to make an impact on your target audience.

Connect With Us

Live Stream Singapore

Live Stream Remotely or On-Site With Confidence & Ease

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more essential for live streaming partners to provide the best quality services as major personal, corporate and business events are moving to digital platforms. To make sure that you get the option of securely conducting your even online, or for safely proceed with on-site shooting, our team is available for remote as well as on-site streaming.


24-hour dedicated backend support for set-up and live streaming from our team enables maximum technical reliability for your live stream.


While operating remotely we ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between our team and yours. We also advise and assist in the process of streamlining the order of your event. Count on us to spot technicalities and resolve the errors in an instant.


During on-site events, we take care of everything from coordinating between hosts and guests to using different camera angles for the best, and most engaging feed and recording the event for creating assets that you can use for promotions and marketing after your event.

Engaging the Participants

A successful live stream is where the audience enjoys the stream and stays put throughout the event. With our technology, your event’s participants can do much more than just viewing the content. They can interact with the live event in real-time by varied methods.


Awaken their curiosity by carrying out questions and answers (Q&A) segment, converse with them through audience chat, ask their opinion by presenting polls and enable them to vote on their preferences entirely live and in real-time. Customized calls-to-action can also be integrated into the player to allow maximum interaction with the audience. This also allows them to explore your website, social media, or customized landing pages which helps in building interest and trust in the brand.


We see your live streaming event as a power booster to your branding and marketing; hence, our solutions not only conduct the event but enhance the audience’s experience with your brand.

Think of us as a part of your own team! We stay with you even after your event is done to provide you with more value for your money. 

Post-Event Services

We provide you with the recordings of your live stream which can be converted into various promotional assets for your brand. And we make sure that your assets are high quality and adaptable.

Audience Analytics

Our sophisticated analytics suite also allows you to monitor a wide range of audience and user statistics. These include audience engagement, watch duration, audience actions in the form of likes, shares, and reposts, all done in real time during the stream and after the live stream has ended.

We have committed to the utmost professionalism in fulfilling your webcasting and live streaming needs. For Singapore live streaming, 40, live events, and Virtual AGM Webcast, visit our contact page!

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