Virtual AGM Voting and Polling

Live AGM Voting (Polling) made Easy

An imperative part of all AGMs is voting (polling) done by shareholder. But in a virtual space conducting AGM polling can seem tricky. Our solutions are developed in a way that AGM live voting (polling) conducted during your virtual AGM becomes easy and stays fair for your shareholders.

We have developed a unique landing page for all the attendees of your virtual AGM where they can engage in polling in real-time and get instant results.

But How Is This Efficient?

AGM live voting (polling) with Six Media’s unique landing page becomes efficient as the meeting host has complete control over the members who are allowed to vote in the AGM voting (polling). Futhermore, as the voting is digital there is no room for biasness or fraud, and being digital allows for immediate response and polling results.

Features of Our AGM Live Voting (Polling)

To ensure smooth and secure polling the meeting admin has complete control over the proceedings.

Selective Voting

The meeting administrator can allow or restrict the ability of certain attendees for polling. For instance, when a question is addressed to the shareholders, an observer's polling ability can be restricted.

AGM Polling

Disabling and Pausing

At any point in the meeting when polling is not required the admin can disable the feature temporarily.

Toggling Between Voters

The admin can select which attendees can or cannot see the polling questions. He or she can toggle between the people who can vote or see the questions in real-time during the polling.

Timed Actions

To assure that the meeting runs on time each poll can have a limited voting time as per the administrator. Once the polling timer runs out the attendees cannot add their votes.

All Votes Accounted

Our technology accurately captures the polling done by each shareholder/ attendee, making each vote count in the final decision. The polling is recorded in real-time, hence, there are zero chances for error or manipulating the votes.

Moreover, an assistant from Six Media is at your service throughout the AGM live voting (polling) session to resolve any queries or technical difficulties presented by you or the AGM attendees.

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AGM Polling

Why switch to a Virtual AGM with Live Voting and Polling?

With the rapid advancement of technology, virtual mediums of communication are all set to take over the in-person communication to make the exchange of information easier, more secure and viable for all. Consider these points for switching to a virtual AGM:


People can attend the virtual AGM from any place and at any time. No need to travel or make special arrangements to attend the meeting.


All attendees can have their questions sent in a digitised format assuring that no one’s concerns are missed out.


Shareholders have unique login credentials and the meeting is secured by digitised solutions.


All votes of the AGM live polling accounted for and instant results displayed.


Save on electronic AGM polling device, travel and lodging expenses and much more.

Environmental benefits

Paper-less records for the entire meeting and AGM polling, reducing the environmental impact of the proceedings.

Easy Access

Recording of the entire meeting and AGM live polling results accessible to all attendees.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Virtual AGM and AGM polling answered

Virtual and physical meetings are really not that different in terms of the proceedings. Where the procedures for attending and participating are unique, the flow of the event and the agenda are fulfilled in a similar way.

With the help of an experienced partner like Six Media, you can ease the process of conducting a virtual AGM. Know more about virtual AGMs and our services with respect to the event on our Virtual AGM page.

A virtual AGM is where all elements of the proceedings are conducted remotely - including the presenters, managers, partners and attendees joining the meeting remotely, Live polling through digitised solutions, etc. Whereas, a hybrid event is where a part of the proceedings is being conducted in a physical space and a part of the meeting is virtual, like- AGM live polling, physical and virtual Q&A sessions, part of the attendees joining virtually, etc.

In electronic polling the physical attendees of the meeting can participate in the polling via the electronic handset or similar devices. These are a more secure and accurate substitute for paper-based or show of hands system.

AGM live polling a completely digitised way for the shareholders to vote in a poll. It is a way for virtual attendees to record their votes securely in an unbiased manner and see results in real-time.

With the help of high-end technology and anti-hack technology your virtual meeting is made completely secure. The data and recordings of the AGM is secured using a cloud based system, while restricted permissions and unique login credentials for shareholders ensure that the people present in the AGM are verified.

The virtual AGM polling technology may seem complicated but it is quite easy to access and operate. In fact, many aspects like presentations and polling are similar. The attendees need simply, a device that has a camera and internet connection to attend the meeting. AGM live voting (polling) is as simple as tapping on an option or pressing a button.

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