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We Provide Webinar Singapore, Digital conference live streams, Virtual studio webcasts and Annual General Meetings for your virtual event.

One-Stop Solution

From pre-production planning, live stream production to post-production editing, and everything in between, we are a one-stop solution provider for all your digital conferencing needs. We eliminate the need to have multiple partners on-board, helping you save time, efforts, and cost. Get the highest production quality based on your arrangements for both remote and on-site productions.

A Crew That Listens And Delivers

Leave it on us to find the best people for the job! Our experienced and professional team of creative and innovators is always there for you. This team is present to assist you before, during, and post your event. By creating additional graphics and assets required and recorded footage, we adapt our services to your needs.

Personalized Solutions

Working closely with our clients allows us to understand their requirements in detail. We also assist you in streamline the production workflow for maximum efficiency. Quick service and quality assets are just the tips of what we can do for you. We are not only a service provider but a solutions developer!

Hosting virtual events on social media seems tricky? We’ll get it right for you!

Live Stream events on our special platform

And many more services that will make your business’s virtual tasks really easy. 

Building a dynamic social media presence requires any business to explore all channels and forms of content that intrigue their audience. Live streaming and events are a popular format which engages the audience and provides them value. But at times, this can be difficult due to issues like unstable connection, disturbances during streaming, and other technical problems.

And when you have a hundred more things to manage for your business, why not let a partner handle this little task? Adhere to other vital issues or relax while we handle your event. With us, you can;-

  • Maximize your reach
  • Manage your budget
  • Connect with your audience better

Want the best experience for your AGM attendees? We will provide you with the best Virtual AGM Webcast!


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Uninterrupted and Fully Supported

We innovate so you can be at ease!


Our digital streaming space experience has opened us to assess all possibilities of errors during your event. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we have helped multiple organizations run their meets smoothly.


Also, direct your attendees to a Secured Single Sign On (SSO) landing page where they can engage through services like live polling, which gives accurate instant results. Get details of our exclusive Live Streaming Services here!


Our services are not limited to geography! Available in-

  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Southeast Asia
  • India
  • South Korea

About Six Media

Six media is a premium live streaming production company based in Singapore. We are a team of thinkers and innovators determined to serve your digitization needs. With our experience of over 15 years in the online webcast and live stream the production we come up with the best solutions for your online conferences, AGMs, webinars singapore and much more.


We work side by side with our clients to understand their business and deliver a suite of services tailor-made to satisfy their webcast or live streaming requirements. From pre-production to post webcast services, we’ve got it all covered! 


Throughout our journey we have worked with several unique clients, including giants like Google and Microsoft. That’s why our crew can clearly understand your needs and work accordingly. When uncertainty strikes, you need a reliable partner, and we assure you of being that partner for all your virtual and hybrid event needs.


Our Values

Every business has some values in its core that shows how it operates and grows. Here’s what we stand by-


We do our job the best because we are passionate about making our services the best. That’s why we also understand your passion for your business. Our services make your events stream without interruption so that your employees or audience can have the true experience of your services. We stand for doing our job with a passion which helps us come up with solutions that cater to your needs from start to the end of the event and further!


You can expect our team to develop versatile solutions for our problems in a restricted period. We have a quick turnaround time while streamlining your event, airing it, and delivering post-event assets. You can put any challenge in us and come through because of our experience and expertise. Even at challenging times, you can expect complete professionalism from us.


Rely on us to get the job done, even if your team is working remotely. We excel in off-location production of events and shoots. One reason why we have attained success internationally in performing highly successful live streaming and webcasting operations. The contacts we have established across those locations also allow us to operate high-quality productions at maximum cost-effectiveness.


Our boldness is reflected in our constant drive towards innovation! When businesses were struck by Covid-19 pandemic, we developed innovative ways to fulfil our clients' media production requirements without the need for physical contact. With our virtual webcasting and live streaming technology we are able to conduct, direct, record, and live stream productions entirely remotely. And, you can expect us to innovate according to the changing times and demands in the same way.

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